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Susan Greenfield
Susan Greenfield

Our Chapter had a delegation of 20 FIABCI-USA members and I was very proud to lead and introduce them to other Chapter  association members.  
FIABCI is all about relationships and as we all know the best way to build these is by attending FIABCI World Class Events which provide an ideal environment in which to get to know members from other Chapters in parts of the world.   Nothing can compare to shaking hands, exchanging a few words or comments, presenting a business card and accepting one from someone whose manner indicates a willingness to develop a possible business relationship.  

Each year the first large gathering for every FIABCI International member takes place in a very lovely venue and this year it was the pre-MIPIM Gala at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes where 300 decision makers and FIABCI members attended to get to know each other.  Our USA Chapter had 2 tables and as this was my 29th MIPIM, I must say it was the best!
When the doors to the Palais, an enormous exhibition space opened, we were able to mingle with 23,000 attendees representing every real estate and business sector who were there for 3 comprehensive days of meeting, greeting, learning, discussions, panels, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and walking the floors viewing the "stands" of competitors, newcomers, cities and countries with astonishing displays of what they are offering developers or retail, rental, developments of every kind in their cities and countries.  It is truly awesome viewing the extent many go to in an effort to attract companies, individuals and other entities to their shores.
On the final day of MIPIM many of us flew to Paris to attend the inauguration of the new FIABCI headquarters in Montparnasse.  The evening found us at an elegant dinner at the world famous "Fouquet's" as guests of FIABCI.   It was a memorable evening.
I have shared some photos on our website which tell the story of our experiences during that March week, where even in the stormy weather, the excitement of discovering new possibilities for our members will prove our belief that when you hear of our experiences at MIPIM, next year will bring us a much larger contingent of USA members to enjoy the company of new friends made this year and the possibility of knowing new friends for the future.
For the moment, our future is here at home in the USA.  Everyone speaks of "Global REal Estate" but FIABCI has been busy in Global Real Estate for the last seven decades.  Last year and continuing this year our national Chapter has gone through a reorganization with many changes which have made us stronger. We have strengthened our structure in terms of our Local Councils which are beginning to take on a life of their own with programming designed to stimulate attendance and contributions from their members to enhance their profiles in their communities.  If you have a Local FIABCI-USA Council in your city, please join and share your knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm

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