Otto Bammer

FHWien-Studiengang Immobilienwirtschaft der WKW
Dr. Otto Bammer

Postal Address:
Währinger Gürtel 97
A-1180 Wien

Phone: +43 1 47677-5822
Fax: +43 1 47677-5704
Email: immo@fh-wien.ac.at

Business Description In order to ensure a comprehensive course of study for real estate generalists, our interdisciplinary approach covers a variety of subjects in business administration, law, engineering, real estate, foreign languages (English) and social skills to the fullest possible extent. The degree programme in Real Estate conveys multi-disciplinary knowledge which fulfils the demands of a high-level academic course of study in the following areas: • Business and economics (e.g. economics, business administration, real estate financing and investment) • Engineering (e.g. fundamentals of construction engineering, planning, new construction, reconstruction/restoration) • Law (e.g. civil law, housing law, public construction law, tax law) • Real estate (e.g. property management and real estate agency activities) • Foreign language (English) • Social skills Our degree programme is distinguished from other courses of study in particular by the large share of classes which are directly relevant to the real estate business. The intensity of our academic programme is highly unique in Austria. Since June 2007 we are member of FIABCI.
Specializations Property Types: All types of property
Specialities: All Specialty Types
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