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UPDATE JANUARY 27, 2018: On January 27, 2018  at the General Assembly of FIABCI-Ukraine the new chapter President and the Board were elected for 1 year as follows:

PRESIDENT of FIABCI-Ukraine and board member -

Anna Koval anna@scg.company

President elect and board member  - 

Oleksandr Sokol sokol.oleksandr@gmail.com

Vice-President and board member - 

Yevheniia Myroshnychenko Myroshnychenko.ev@gmail.com

Immediate past president and board member - 

Kateryna Pylypchuk katiapylypchuk@gmail.com

Honored President and board member - 

Telman Abbasov abbasovtelman@gmail.com 

We want to ask you to proceed all communication with Ukrainian Chapter trough Anna Koval and at the same time to put in CC the mentioned members of the board.
We belive that this team of active FIABCI members will make even bigger contribution into the real estate market development then even before!
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UPDATE DECEMBER 10, 2017: FIABCI General Assembly has voted to adopt two more PRINCIPAL MEMBERS of FIABCI-UKRAINE as follows:

  • THE CLUB OF ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS OF UKRAINE (represented by Yanina Atamanchuk)
  • THE UKRAINIAN SOCIETY OF APPRAISERS (represented by Vladimir Shalaev)


UPDATE MAY 25, 2017: FIABCI General Assembly has voted to adopt three new PRINCIPAL MEMBERS of FIABCI-UKRAINE as follows:

  • THE UNION OF EXPERTS OF REAL ESTATE OF UKRAINE (member of FIABCI World Council of Brokers represented by mr. Viktor Nesin)
  • UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION of BANKING VALUATION SPECIALISTS (member of FIABCI World Council of Experts represented by mr. Serhii Frolov)
  • NATIONAL FEDERATION OF REAL ESTATE (member of FIABCI World council of developers and investors represented by ms. Olga Kirsei) 

 UPDATE JAN 31, 2017.

Ukrainian Chapter was re-established in 2006-2007 by the group of volunteers among which was Telman Abbasov, who has taken care about the chapter as a President since that time.

At the moment, in November 2016, the General Assembley of FIABCI-Ukraine has elected the new Board of FIABCI-Ukraine as follows:

Kateryna Pylypchuk - as FIABCI-Ukraine President for 2017


Anna Koval - as FIABCI-Ukraine President Elect for 2018, Oleksander Sokol - as FIABCI-Ukraine Vice-President, Telman Abbasov - as Honorary President of FIABCI-Ukraine


Ukrainian Chapter is very active in development of organization on all levels. in 2016, the team of Ukrainian Young Members developed and organized the First FIABCI Young Members Global Business Camp #iREAL2016 in Odessa, Ukraine and first ever local Factory of Business Ideas for the local market #iREALUkraine in Kyiv, Ukraine, creating the new strong and prospective platform for the young real estate professionals.

#iREAL2016, Odessa, Ukraine, September 17-20,2016. Creation of the FORESIGHT of the REAL ESTATE MARKET 2016-2026


2 days of the First FIABCI Factory of Business Ideas #iREALUKRAINE, December 16-17, 2016. Issues, future trends and solutions for the Ukrainian Real estate Market (LIVE HAND MADE VISUALIZATION BOARD.)

Therefore the team of the Ukrainian FIABCI young members has been recognized by the General Assembley in Nice, France, December 2016,

by electing for the position of the FIABCI Young members President - the member of FIABCI-Ukraine Board - Oleksander Sokol, who will be the next FIABCI Young members president, changing on this position Kateryna Pylypchuk, who has been the ideolog and leader of #iREAL team and going to proceed with the concept of providing the technology of participation and facilitation methods for the needs of FIABCI International as already elected President of the World Council of Experts since May 2017.


Anna Koval, also will serve for FIABCI International as a Secretary General of the European Committee, 

at the same time - Yevheniia Myroshnychenko has been elected as a vice-president of  the FIABCI Intenational marketing and networking committee to implement new ways of marketing communication as FIABCI.TV and Business Club Promotions.

Telman Abbasov was appointed as a representative of FIABCI World President in the programs of UNCTAD (UN).

Also, we are very happy to announce that one of the most respected business trainer and ideolog of the partnership sales system among realtors in Ukraine - mr. Arthur Ohanesyan has become FIABCI-Ukraine member since 2017. We belive that his occupation of the Vice-Presidency of the Educational Committe in FIABCI International and his mission to change the market and make it more cyvilezed can be implemented by implementing the tools which FIABCI international provides: Business Clubs, New Educational Programs, FIABCI University and others. Also, we hope that all this can be possible due to our strategic partnership with the Group of companies AVISO, who is the sponsor of the Ukrainian Chapter and of the events which Chapter is organizing within the country.

Viktoria Teslytska (top manager of the Group of Companies AVISO), Oleksander Sokol (Vice-President of FIABCI-Ukraine, Vice-President of FIABCI Young Members Committee), Kateryna Pylypchuk (President of FIABCI-Ukraine, FIABCI Young Members President), Arthur Ohanesyan (member of FIABCI-Ukraine, Vice-President of FIABCI Educational Committee) at Nice Major Reception during December Business Meetings in Nice, France, December 2016.

We are very happy to invite you to join this amazing dream team to proceed with new projects for Ukraine and for the future of the Earth!

Valeriy Komissarov (young member of FIABCI-Baltics), Yevheniia Myroshnychenko, Anna Koval, Telman Abbasov, Kateryna Pylypchuk, Andriy Pylypchuk

Name Anna Koval
Position President
Email anna@scg.company
Gender female
Name Kateryna Pylypchuk
Position Past President
Email katiapylypchuk@gmail.com
Gender female
Name Oleksandr Sokol
Position President Elect
Email sokol.oleksandr@gmail.com
Gender male
Name Yevheniia Myroshnychenko
Position Vice President
Email yevheniia@scg.company
Gender female
Name Victoriia Teslytska
Position PR and MEDIA Coordinator
Email vika@aviso.ua
Gender female
Name Arthur Ohanesyan
Position EDUCATION PROGRAMS Coordinator
Email arthur.ohanesyan@gmail.com
Gender male
Name Marek Zabek
Position Oversease member
Email marc.zabek@gmail.com
Gender male
Name Orkhan Bagirov
Position Oversease member
Email orxan.area@gmail.com
Gender male
Name Hakan Kendirli
Position Oversease member
Email hakan@sadadglobal.com
Gender male
Name Telman Abbasov
Position Honored President
Email abbasovtelman@gmail.com
Gender male
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