FIREC Designation

The FIREC (FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant) designation is awarded to FIABCI members who have satisfied specific criteria based upon education, business experience and participation in FIABCI Global activities.
Earning the prestigious FIREC designation means becoming part of an elite class of international real estate industry leaders who transact business on a global basis.

The FIREC designation enables you to:
  • Differentiate yourself from your colleagues
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Advance your expertise and industry knowledge
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Enhance your skills
  • Effectively build your global business
To earn the FIREC designation, candidates must complete the following requirements:
  • Complete Coursework
  • Demonstrate qualifying experience
  • Attend FIABCI International Events
Full details of requirements are outlined in the FIREC Guide
FIABCI Online Education
FIREC foundation courses, Global I and Global II are available online. These two eight-hour courses are required first steps towards earning your FIREC designation.

  Global Ipresents an overview of economic, cultural and geographic issues impacting the practice of real estate in major countries and regions around the world. Click here for Global I Link.
Global II builds on the issues impacting real estate practice around the world, including the importance of an exit strategy. Click here for Global II Link
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FIREC Completion Form
FIREC Designees
Edward Alford
Patricia Anderson
Ioannis Antoniou
Wayne Carroll
Xin Cheu
Jose Angel Delvalle
A. Blair Duffy, Jr.
Sheldon Good
Anthony P. Grant
John E. Greig
Owen Gwyn, Jr. 
Peter O. Hanson
Kathryn Hunt
Song Jinglong
Julian A. Josephs
Charles King
Ruth Kruger
Lisa Kurrass
Georgii Kuzmenko
Jean-Marc Levet
Jack Lewis
John S C Loh
Xie Lu
Laurence McCabe
Alfons Metzger
Charles E. Myler Jr.
Hendrik Nelde
Alyssa Nightingale
Gisela Nightingale
Alfred Olivetti
Melton Parker
Dagmar Sands
Wu Shu
Cui Shuang
Tasos Stavrou
Daniel Tong-How Teo
Athos Tofarides
Mai-Lan Trinh
Nestor R. Weigand, Jr.
Ed Wolff
Uwe L. Wolter
James Wray, Jr.
Frank Young
Sharon Young
Cui Zehnua
Michael Zuenko

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