World Council of Managers

The FIABCI World Council of Managers is focused on those interested and actively involved with the
administration and supervision of all forms of property management on a global basis.
The key focus areas for the FIABCI World Council of Managers, include the following residential real estate categories:
  • Condominiums (including cooperatives and townhouses)
  • Condominium rental apartments (including cooperatives and townhouses)
  • Rental apartment houses
  • Rental portfolios and funds
The overall commitment is to provide members with property management resources, tools, and knowledge focused on the latest trends and business strategies designed to help property managers positively increase profitability, productivity and performance. The Council is coordinating global webinars to address these commitments. In addition the Council is committed to creating and maintaining a database focused on the specifics of real estate management for specific countries throughout the world. Thus, the World Council will one day become a fair and impartial resource providing valuable information for FIABCI members and the public. FIABCI World Council of Managers Plan and Objectives
There are four primary categories of property management, which can be broken down into 17 concentrated classifications.
Property Management Areas
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