Se-Joon Park

Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority
Dr. Se-Joon Park Project Manager

Postal Address:
Marine Center #1203, Pyeongtaekhangman-gil 73
Poseung-eup Pyeongtaek city, Gyeonggi-do,Korea
17962 Pyeongtaek
Korea, Republic Of

Phone: 82-31-8008-8631
Fax: 82-31-8008-8643
Email: seanpark@gg.go.kr

Business Description Pyeongtaek Port, the gateway of YESFEZ
Pyeongtaek Port, a flagship presence for the capital and central areas that are the center of national production and consumption, are growing as a leading port of China and the northeastern trade hub. At present, 2014, 62 berths are being run, and they will be developed to 79 berths by 2020 to carry out a role as a future advanced base of YESFEZ. There are about 100 industrial complexes to the rear of Pyeongtaek & Dangjin Port, and it is expected that a cooperative effect will be created along with YESFEZ.
Location Conditions
Geographical Conditions of Pyeongtaek Port
Pyeongtaek Port is safe from typhoons and tsunamis as it is located inside Asan Bay
Depth of water average 14m, tidal range 9-10m, annual number of days with storms: 6.8 days
great advantage to trade, being located in an economic zone that takes less than 24 hours to sail to China
China’s Rongcheng 388km, Dalian 482km, Qingdao 593km, Rizhao 689km
Secure stable depth of water enables a large ship to call
Secure 14m in depth of water enables a mega ship to access(5000TEU or over)
Great advantages for ships to sail safely and access by the depth variation that is below 8m
logistics hub of the capital and central areas
Major cities such as Seoul, capital area, Cheonan, Daejeon, Cheongju, etc.., are located within a 80km radius of YESFEZ
Vitalize prompt logistics by being connected with Seohaean, Gyeongbu, Dongseo Expressways and national highways
Form an industrial belt with l

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