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Kick-off Event

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When 08 th Jan 2020 -

Where Neuchatel, Switzerland


Kick-off Event

Business Networking - Les voeux 2020 des présidents

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When 16 th Jan 2020 -

Where Paris, France



Jean Marc Torrollion - FNAIM,

Alain Duffoux - SNPI,

Christophe Tanay - UNIS.


Intervention d'étudiants après la réalisation d'une thèse sur l'immobilier.


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When 24 th Jan 2020 -



In FIABCI-Nigeria, we believe, that asides having enabling environment policies and regulations, there should be an effective implementation strategy in place, while the populace is aware of the actual economic benefits of every action taken.

In this light, as an advocacy strategy, the Chapter Annual Business Forum/ Dinner in 2020 has been designed to champion a discussion on the current indices of the Ease of Doing Real Estate Business and how Technology can be adopted in creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

FIABCI Nigeria event

NVM and FIABCI go to New York

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When 27 th Jan 2020 - 02 th Feb 2020

Where New York City


On the occasion of Inman Connect 2020, FIABCI-Netherlands and Principal Member NVM (Dutch national real estate association) will travel to New York City, from January 20 to February 2, 2020. The main goals of the program of the business trip are not only to attend the exhibition, but also to take part in several project visits and networking events. 

FIABCI Board Members have access to a special offer when registering until November 15, 2019. 

FIABCI-Asia Real Estate Forum

When 31 th Jan 2020 -

Where Bangkok, Thailand

The Arnoma Grand Hotel, Bangkok


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