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2018 - Fifth FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Press Registration: FIABCI Global Business Summit 2018 Affordable Housing in Taiwan: A Report on Policy, Finance, Technology and Sheltering General Press Registration Madrid hosts Inmointer15 for the first time II Business Breakfast · Real Estate women in the International Market IELP Expo Event FNAIM Real Estate Congress MIPIM Asia Summit IELP Expo Event
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Monthly Morning Talks

When 04 th Apr 2018 -

Where Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



When 19 th Apr 2018 -

Where Fribourg, Switzerland



FIABCI 69th World Congress Happy Cities

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When 27 th Apr 2018 - 02 th May 2018

Where Dubai, UAE

Dubai World Trade Center

FIABCI World Congress 2018 is designed to be both informative and inclusive and will deconstruct the concept of Happy Cities through dialogue, panelist discussions, workshops, and an interactive exhibit and meeting spaces. Our fundamental aim is to engage the international real estate sector and provide a platform for visitors to Communicate, forge new relationships, learn and grow their businesses.

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