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Riyadh 250880, Al Faisaliah Office Tower, 28 Floor


Saudi Arabia
2023 Creation date
101 All Members
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76 Corporate & Regular Members
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20 Young Members/ Students

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Abdullah Al Harbi
Abdullah Al Harbi
Chapter President
Abdullah Alharbi, a dynamic and visionary leader, is making waves in the business world. With his innovative strategies and commitment to excellence, Alharbi continuously pushes boundaries and achieves new heights. He excels at identifying emerging market trends and capitalizing on them to gain a competitive edge. It's no surprise that he is recognized as one of the most influential figures in the Saudi Arabian business community, serving as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. As the founder and CEO of Eyes of Cities, Alharbi oversees a portfolio of significant projects in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. One of their flagship events, the Real Estate Future Forum (RFF), organized in Riyadh, has been particularly successful. In the 2024 version of RFF, the event witnessed agreements valued at over 100 billion SAR, with more than 50 strategic agreements and over 300 speakers. With a reach of 485 million and attendees from over 85 countries, RFF has become a significant annual event in the real estate industry. Furthermore, Alharbi played a vital role in establishing FIABCI Saudi Arabia during the 2023 RFF. As the largest global assembly for real estate professionals, FIABCI aims to unite professionals in Saudi Arabia, promoting excellence, ethics, and professionalism within the industry. Al Harbi is also involved in founding the Real Estate Federation Association (REFA), which seeks to implement optimal local and international approaches in the enhancement of real estate content. The association provides various professional services and establishes strategic partnerships and alliances in the kingdom. In addition to his accomplishments in the real estate industry, Alharbi has also diversified the content and invested in cutting-edge technologies for Eye of Riyadh, another initiative within the Eyes of Cities portfolio. With over 1.7 million active users, Eye of Riyadh is one of the most widely used online business directories in Saudi Arabia. Abdullah Alharbi continues to establish himself as a visionary leader, making significant contributions to the business world in Saudi Arabia and the EMEA Region.
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