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Milan I-20123, Piazza Diaz, 1 Milan I-20123

+39 02 78 32 13

1957 Creation date
55 All Members
6 Principal Members
46 Corporate & Regular Members
3 Academic & Public Members
0 Young Members/ Students

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Luca Bigliardi
Chapter President
FIABCI is one of the most effective and prestigious International Real Estate organizations in the world. FIABCI provides access and opportunities for real estate professionals interested in gaining knowledge, sharing information and conducting international business with each other. FIABCI Italia acts as an important cross linker for national and international business contacts. As new president, my commitment and priority will be to give our chapter a "fresh restart", on enlarging the number of our members with high quality professionals & organizations. We will provide many networking and bonding opportunities and we will continuously support our members with information on substantial real estate matters. Being part of this leading global real estate association, means access to the unique network of the sector key players worldwide. We invite those interested in the real estate industry to experience and discuss the special features of other real estate cultures together with the FIABCI community and to exchange best practices. More information about our local chapter:
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