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1951 Creation date
254 Members
8 Principal Members
213 Regular Members
20 Academic & Public Members
11 Young prof. & Students

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Carla Rayman Kidd
Carla Rayman Kidd
Chapter President
Thank you for your trust and support as your new president. I am grateful to all those who served as leadership before me and for their commitment to this organization. The last few years proposed some challenges, and our leadership handled them professionally and in a timely manner. To our members, you are the heart of our organization and you volunteering on committees both domestically and abroad strengthen our chapter, its goals, and its sense of community. Your participation in events (both virtual and in person) are important and increase the value of your membership. As you may have heard from others before, it is as simple as showing up to achieve success. We also greatly appreciate our sponsors who keep our organization’s coffers growing so that we can produce more events and networking opportunities. We could not do it without them and hope everyone is giving them the business they deserve. They are your referral partners to help you win transactions and loyalty with your customers. Our goals this year will be lofty. Our executive team has a lot of ideas that we are anticipating bringing to fruition – more services and partnerships for you, more face-to-face networking events, and some advanced education. Your input is valuable and welcomed. We want the U.S. chapter to thrive by increasing membership, sponsorship, and partnerships with other companies and organizations. Our mission is to be succinct, stronger, and collaborative. You are a key part of that success. Let us not forget that we are not just another real estate association. We are so much more. Not only were we instrumental in rebuilding Europe after World War II, but we continue to focus on building better cities. Sustainability and striving to plan cities of the future for all of humanity is our focus. Disciplines like architects, developers, designers, innovators, and real estate practitioners work together to achieve that goal. Our relationship with the United Nations and understanding how we are all working together to build a better world is what make us different. So don’t forget, you’re not a member of just another real estate association. You’re a member of an organization that is changing the world!
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