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Kyiv 02081, Zdolbunivska st. 7

+380 63 266 0331

2007 Creation date
39 Members
4 Principal Members
25 Regular Members
6 Academic & Public Members
4 Young prof. & Students

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Victoriia Teslytska
Victoriia Teslytska
Chapter President
The Ukrainian Chapter of FIABCI international is the most fast-growing chapter in Europe. Our main strategy is to create the platform for the business networking of all real estate professionals in Ukraine and to provide them the opportunity to get the best real estate practice from the world acknowledged experts. We are proud to have among principal members the realtors association and two biggest appraisers societies and expert building alliance, our associate membership is counting more than 3000 professionals, among academic members - two schools, preparing future development project managers and city mayors, one of the prominent Property Management Corporation and City Development agency as corporate members, more than 40 experienced real estate experts including young members, who are known broadly in Ukraine and worldwide! The main events which FIABCI-Ukraine organizes annually are National Real Estate Forum in a first decade of December including Trade and Investment Mission. Our chapter is a national chapter with overseas members from Kazahstan, Turkey, Germany, and Poland.We welcome all to join FIABCI-Ukraine as we celebrate every single moment of the victory of professionalism as a big FIABCI family.
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