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Presidential Visit to Brazil: Prêmio Master Imobiliário, high level meetings and Ipiranga Museum

At the end of August, World President Susan Greenfield travelled to Brazil to attend the FIABCI-Brasil national Prix - Prêmio Master Imobiliário -, taking the opportunity to hold several meetings with Principal Members and Partners, as well as visit the Ipiranga Museum.

Prêmio Master Imobiliário

The 28th edition of the Prêmio Master Imobiliário marked the return of the awards ceremony to its original format. As a special guest of the local chapter’s national awards, World President Susan Greenfield delivered a speech to the audience and presented the award for the Professionals Category in Marketing Success.

Hosted by FIABCI-Brasil and Secovi-SP, the evening reflected the great synergy between both organisations that, year after year, elevates the prestige of the Prix d’Excellence award.

The FIABCI-Brasil national Prix was idealized by World President 1993-1994 Luiz Carlos Pereira de Almeida, who passed two years ago, leaving a lasting legacy behind.

The sponsors of the 28th edition of the Prêmio Master Imobiliário were Atlas Schindler, Bradesco, Comgás, Estadão and Grupo Bandeirantes. The ceremony will be televised on BandNewsTV on Saturday 3 September at 7:00 pm local time.

Meetings with Principal Members and Partners

While in Brazil, the FIABCI World President also held meetings with the innovation departments of several FIABCI-Brasil Principal Members and partners, such as Francisco Vasconcellos, Vice President of Sustainability of Sinduscon-SP, Rodrigo Abrahão, Secovi-SP Young Entrepreneurs Group Coordinator, Carlos Borges, Secovi Sustainability and Environmental Vice President, and Elisa Rosenthal, CEO of Institute of Women in Real Estate. During the meeting, each group presented its organisation, mission, activities and products. World President Susan Greenfield was very impressed to find out more about how the Brazilian chapter’s Principal Members produce technical information and create new guidance and services for local industry.

Ipiranga Museum

The Ipiranga Museum is one of the most important museums in Brazil, historically representing the Independence of Brazil. Having been closed since 2013 following the discovery of serious defects in its foundations, the museum has undergone renovation work and is set to reopen on 7 September, the Independence Day of Brazil.

The FIABCI delegation was the very first group of people who had the opportunity to see the new Ipiranga Museum and the renovated paintings that depict Brazilian history.

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