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FIABCI Embarks on European Tour to Foster Stronger Ties with Real Estate Chapters

FIABCI Secretary-General Narek Arakelyan recently embarked on a comprehensive European tour, which encompassed several key chapters, including Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. The mission further solidified FIABCI's commitment to nurturing its global real estate community through forging stronger bonds with current members, welcoming new members, and providing invaluable support to chapter activities.

Belgium: Building Bridges and Cultivating Connections

In Belgium, FIABCI Secretary-General Narek Arakelyan joined European Regional Committee President Felice Tufano for different engagements with FIABCI-Belgium, including meeting with Chapter President Joes van de Wouw and Vice-President Geert De Neef as well as some of the chapter's new and prospective members at a networking event.

"These regular meetings hold immense importance as they allow us to better understand our members, listen to their expectations and suggestions and introduce our global programs.", Mr Arakelyan said.

These interactions proved to be particularly fruitful, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront. Chapter members expressed enthusiasm about the exchange of knowledge and best practices, with a shared vision of advancing the real estate sector.

Luxembourg: Encouraging Innovation and Networking

Luxembourg was marked by a focus on exploring new avenues for developing FIABCI's activities in Luxembourg and kickstarting a multinational Prix d'Excellence Awards initiative in the region alongside FIABCI-Luxembourg President Manuel Rizzo and Secretary-General Christelle Morhain.

This productive session was followed by a European Regional Committee meeting, hosted at the headquarters of principal member La Chambre Immobilière du Luxembourg. Many European chapter leaders were in attendance, including Felice Tufano, who led the committee. Ramon Riera Torroba and Antonio Campagnoli, FIABCI World President-Elect and FIABCI Vice-President, respectively, also joined the meeting.

The key takeaways of the European Regional Committee meeting were:

  • Ensuring the consistency of activities at both local and regional levels;
  • Elevating the stature of the existing national Prix d'Excellence Awards and disseminating success stories to fellow chapters;
  • Concentrating efforts on the renewal and diversification of chapter memberships;
  • Prioritising to the creation and reporting of professional content;
  • Strengthening communication within and among chapters.


Secretary-General Narek Arakelyan commended the local, regional and international officers for their unwavering commitment to FIABCI.

"We will continue to support our chapters in setting ambitious, SMART goals with clear KPIs and assist them in realising these projects.", he added.

France: Reinforcing Bonds and Amplifying Excellence

The third stop of the tour, France, brought Secretary-General Narek Arakelyan and an FIABCI delegation to the city of Paris, home to the headquarters of the International Real Estate Federation. During this visit, following the invitation of the President of FIABCI-France, Léo Attias, the delegation had the privilege of taking part in the chapter's board meeting. Discussions covering upcoming projects and future prospects proved to be very insightful. 

Another highlight of the visit to Paris was the local chapters' monthly business networking event, which provided the FIABCI delegation and guests valuable opportunities to connect with fellow professionals. Filippo Rean, General Director of RX France, delivered a keynote presentation, where he shared his expertise on the topic of "Energy Renovation of Housing: Challenges and Opportunities."

Speaking about the exchange with fellow FIABCI-France members, Secretary-General Narek Arakelyan said: "This gathering reinforced our commitment to fostering new initiatives and strengthening our cooperation at local, regional, and international levels."

Germany: Strengthening International Ties at 33rd ECBE Plenary Meeting in Munich

The FIABCI European tour with a remarkable stop in Munich, Germany, where he participated in the 33rd ECBE (European Covered Bond Council) Plenary Meeting - a pivotal networking event for the covered bond industry.

During this event, Secretary-General Narek Arakelyan signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of FIABCI with the EMF-ECBC (European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council), marking a significant milestone in international collaboration. The MoU signifies a new era of cooperation between FIABCI and EMF-ECBC and the prospect of closer ties between the two organisations. This partnership is expected to foster synergy and strengthen cooperation, particularly in the realms of sustainable and resilient urban development, housing, and financing, benefiting the communities served by both entities.

Mr Arakelyan extended his sincere appreciation to Luca Bertalot, Secretary-General of EMF-ECBC, for his gracious invitation and warm hospitality, as well as to Antonio Campagnoli, Vice-President of FIABCI, for his unwavering support and presence throughout this journey. Their combined efforts have played an instrumental role in formalising and launching this collaborative effort.

The event was not only marked by this significant signing and discussions but also featured a guided tour of the renowned Allianz Arena. Attendees had the privilege of experiencing an inspirational keynote presentation by the arena's architect, Robert Hösl from Herzog & de Meuron. The day concluded with a warm welcome dinner.

Held at the Wappenhalle Business Center, the plenary session attracted a diverse audience, including investors, government officials, and regulatory representatives from national, European, and global levels. It provided a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration within the covered bond industry.

Additionally, Mr Arakelyan had the pleasure of meeting with Alessandro Ponti, President of Harley&Dikkinson, and his team to coordinate the next steps in our global partnership.

FIABCI's visit to Munich and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding exemplify the International Real Estate Federation's commitment to building international alliances and fostering sustainable development within the real estate industry.

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