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Xiongan Urban Vision

Within a team of consortium lead by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, Habidatum was determining possible trajectories of future development of the Xiongan city for a hundred years ahead. We collected and analyzed the external factors that may determine the evolution of Xiongan area from the zone of greenfield development through various functional types.

To analyze possible structure of urban activity in the future city of Xiongan – functional modes of various city spaces – we looked at analog cities in China and globally. Using geo-tagged data from smartphone applications as a proxy for people’s mobility, we described areas of different types: central business districts, residential districts, recreational spaces, transport hubs.

The evolution of the project area for the coming century

In order to determine possible trajectories of area’s future development, the external factors are analyzed: its various possible functional types (1) regional administrative hub, connection to Chinese Capital City Beijing; (2) link to Pacific Rim Post-Industrial Economy – connection to Tianjin; (3) Tourist Mecca – connection to Mountains and inner Mongolia; (4) Regional Agricultural Market – connection to the inland agricultural areas north of the Yellow River. All four factors presumably will be influencing the stages of the city evolution throughout the 100-year period that was taken a projection time for this project.

The idea is that the proposed master plan should take into account those key factors in order to be a space of readiness for the external change. Xiongan masterplan thus will be a physical and network system that contains and/or reflects all necessary concepts, instruments and mechanisms of adjustments.

Full analysis here.


This analysis is part of a series of publications resulting from FIABCI's partnership with Habidatum.


About Habidatum

Habidatum is a software and data analytics company, assisting policymakers and businesses in understanding the hyper-dynamic urban environment through advanced analytics of diverse data sources driven by machine learning and interactive visualization.

Habidatum operates as a gateway between the professional communities who require data-driven insights and data carriers.

The company was founded in 2014 by a collaboration between professional urban planners and digital designers. Since 2014, the company has worked in more than 20 cities globally including London, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Pune, Denver, and Miami.

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