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Back to news room Rethink, rewrite, revitalize your real estate projects

Rethink, rewrite, revitalize your real estate projects

Out of Monte Carlo, a true icon of the real estate world, Paolo Pertici (Revision CEO) launches his "high-tech, ideas-spreading company" that will speed up the sales process. It's more than a vision, it's Revision.

Monte Carlo is where the most innovative ideas come to life. From this executive stage, Paolo Pertici, founder and CEO of Revision, presents his startup. The goal is to provide an efficient response to both the needs of developers and property buyers. Revision is a new set of original tools, brand strategies, and reliable services for developers, designed to boost sales.

“Thanks to our proprietary software, we have brought the most sophisticated technology, - says Pertici – including 3D, virtual reality and gamification, together with the most advanced techniques of marketing and communication.”

Presented in Geneva to the top management of the FIABCI World Federation and to Anne-Marie Loillet, CEO of PCM Opérateur Urbain, during the inauguration of the Quartier de l’Etang development project, Revision was welcomed as a truly innovative, compelling service for the presentation of building sites.

“Each project is treated like a new brand that we make both strong and recognizable. We develop an effective, powerful identity. We can create events with the greatest impact in order to lend maximum visibility to every phase of the project, - Pertici concludes -. The interest generated in such a prestigious context makes us optimistic about our 2021/2022 business plan.”

Source: Monte Carlo Society Magazine

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