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Back to news room Counting Down to the 25th National Prix d'Excellence Awards: FIABCI-Hungary Celebrates Excellence in November

Counting Down to the 25th National Prix d'Excellence Awards: FIABCI-Hungary Celebrates Excellence in November

FIABCI-Hungary is thrilled to announce the grand celebration of the 25th anniversary of its national Prix d'Excellence Awards. This momentous occasion is set to take place from 21 to 22 November 2023 and promises to be an extraordinary event supported by important associations of the Hungarian real estate industry, in addition to the Ministry of Construction and Transport of Hungary.

The local chapter has meticulously prepared an engaging two-day programme, exclusively designed for the foreign delegates. Below is a glimpse of what awaits the participants:

Day 1 (21 November 2023)

  • From 14:00 to 17:00 - Join us for an engaging round table presentation showcasing the most significant new developments, emerging trends, and exemplary projects in Hungary. This session will provide valuable insights and inspire fruitful discussions.


Day 2 (22 November 2023)

  • From 10:00 to 14:00 - Embark on a captivating journey as we take you on an exclusive visit to explore the latest developments in Budapest. Witness firsthand the architectural marvels and innovative projects that are shaping the landscape of the city.
  • From 16:30 to 21:30 - We cordially invite you to a Gala Dinner filled with glitz and glamour, where participants can indulge in a memorable evening of fine dining, networking, and celebration. It will be an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and exchange ideas in a glamorous ambience.


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