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Back to news room FIABCI and Coastal Carolina University partner for internship agreement

FIABCI and Coastal Carolina University partner for internship agreement

Since 2016, Coastal Carolina University has been an academic member of FIABCI, a leading international real estate organization devoted to all real estate specialties and activities. A new agreement with CCU’s Grant Center for Real Estate and Economics, located in the Wall College of Business, invites FIABCI members to consider appointing Coastal Carolina University students as interns. The center focuses on commercial, industrial, and investment property, and works alongside the student-led Real Estate Club.

“This new collaboration between CCU and FIABCI provides real benefits for both organizations. Coastal students will be able to gain work experience in all aspects of commercial and investment real estate in the U.S. as well as internationally,” said Tony Grant, honorary world president of FIABCI and founder and donor of the Grant Center for Real Estate and Economics.

CCU students regularly obtain hands-on, national, and international internship opportunities to enhance their knowledge and gain practical business experience. In the near future, due to the current pandemic, it is anticipated that a substantial proportion of internships will be virtual. This will apply particularly to overseas placements.

“Virtual internships during the global health crisis will enable the usual barriers of time and cost — which can limit overseas internships — to be overcome. For FIABCI members, the opportunity to employ talented students to assist with research projects, marketing, financial analysis, and business administration, while helping to train the next generation of real estate professionals, is most welcome,” said Grant.

Students appointed to internships at FIABCI will have the opportunity to work part-time or full-time for periods of one to three months.

Their studies, covering a wide range of business subjects, are likely to be relevant to most real estate organizations. They include:

  • Property investment and development.
  • Real estate appraisal.
  • Investment analysis.
  • Economics
  • Research
  • Communications, public relations, and graphics.
  • Marketing
  • Finance (including financial management).
  • Accounting
  • Business administration.


“Our relationship with FIABCI paves the way for Coastal Carolina’s students to experience amazing opportunities working in international real estate with many of the most successful practitioners from around the world,” said Robert Salvino, director of the Grant Center for Real Estate and Economics. “FIABCI’s members have made themselves accessible, and their mentoring will   propel our students’ perspectives to new heights only achievable through these unique experiences.”

FIABCI members interested in employing a CCU student as an intern are invited to contact one of the following:

Robert Bulza
Director of Internships and Service Learning, Coastal Carolina University

Maria Silveira
Communications & Digital Marketing Officer, FIABCI (Paris Headquarters)

Alison Hudak
Interim Secretary General, FIABCI- USA


The Grant Center for Real Estate and Economics serves students and professionals engaged in all facets of real estate and economics and provides market analysis, study-based scholarships, networking opportunities, internships, and technical study tours of international sites.

The Grant Center leverages the global ties of Coastal Carolina University and key partners, including students, alumni, faculty, staff, and board members. It offers courses in commercial and investment real estate, publishes scholarly research, and produces applied studies for stakeholders in the region. The center also hosts the annual real estate and economic summit and awards gala, provides seminar talks on a regular basis, and consults for various private, government, and nonprofit groups.

The key mission is to support the education of its students to the highest levels of competence and professionalism and to broaden the economic base of the region, serving as a bridge between Coastal Carolina University and the wider community.

Follow the Grant Center on social media @GrantCenterCCU.

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