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Kick-off 2020: Understanding the challenges and opportunities of the Swiss real estate sector

This year, the traditional launch of FIABCI-SUISSE activities, the "Kick-off 2020", took place for the 4th time in Neuchâtel and brought together around 60 participants from all over Switzerland.

The Venue of the world President of FIABCI to Switzerland

The current world President in office of FIABCI, Mr. Walid Moussa honoured us with his presence and presented the different activities of the Federation at the international level. During his speech, he also raised the future challenges that the real estate professions will have to face in 2020. Mr. Moussa referred to the 38th FIABCI Global Business Summit 2019, which took place in December 2019 in Belgium in the beautiful city of Gent under the title "Green Buildings and Innovative Urban Planning". It is important to note that from planning to design and from construction to operation, adopting greener practices has multiple environmental, economic and social benefits. In the future, these environmental challenges will obviously have to be considered and appropriate solutions found to enable the real estate industry to design a more sustainable environment to properly meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.

Participation of the President of the Grand Council of the Canton of Neuchâtel

The President of the Grand Council of the Canton of Neuchâtel, Maître Marc-André Nardin, lawyer and notary, addressed to all the participants an eloquent speech, which demonstrated his interest in the activities of the FIABCI. Mr. Nardin pointed out that the subject of sustainable development and intelligent management of our natural resources is a critical topic for our modern society and that politicians give a particular attention to the debates of the real estate associations and experts who influence these matters.

Presentations and distinctions

Another memorable moment during this "Kick-off 2020" was the handing over of a thanking plaquette by the world President of FIABCI, Walid Moussa, to the current President of the Swiss Chapter, Mr. Thomas Henle for all his contribution and involvement to the FIABCI for over 10 years. It should be also noted that our Swiss Chapter’s President has been previously reworded with the Medal of Honour of the FIABCI Federation, during the 70th FIABCI World Congress, which took place in May 2019 in Moscow, Russia. We all sincerely congratulate Thomas with these distinctions.

Then, the Vice-President of FIABCI-Switzerland and architect in the Canton of Ticino, Mr. Michele Giambonini, explained to the audience his activity as FIABCI's representative to the United Nations (UN). One should know that the Federation has had a consultative NGO status since 1951 at the UN. This long-standing cooperation and contribution to the work on the UN's "Habitat III" and affordable living programme is particularly meaningful to our organisation.

The keynote speech was given by Dr. Stefan Fahrländer, CEO of the Zurich-based "Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung" (FPRE). He presented the relevant trends and indicators for the Swiss real estate market for the year to come. This study is published annually by his firm (FPRE) and contains a scientific analysis of the market supported with statistical data. This impressive book entitled " Almanac Real Estate 2020 by FPRE " was offered by FIABCISUISSE
to all our guests. Finally, after a convivial lunch at the Beau-Rivage, an excursion to the Château de Neuchâtel was organised by the representative of the Neuchâtel authorities, Marc-André Nardin. A small delegation of the FIABCI had the privilege of taking part in this guided tour. This castle was built in XI century and impressed all by its character and its beauty. The incredible view over the city of Neuchâtel also had an emotional impact on all. Mr. Nardin's speeches and the various stories told by our guide inspired everyone in this charming temple of the Canton. We wish to thank all the local organizers for this wonderful welcome and their great hospitality, comparable to the practices of the Lords of Neuchâtel.

Our action at the FIABCI-SUISSE Committee

Within our Committee of FIABCI-SUISSE, we do our utmost to create a stimulating environment, favourable to meetings and permanent exchanges between our members. Through our actions and numerous events that we organise, we enable the various representatives of the real estate professions to gather and share their best practices and experiences. It is an opportunity to be part of this network, which such a human dimension, since it is also a source of remarkable synergies, that sometimes lead to productive and stable business relationships. We are convinced that today, at the height of this new decade, it is by combining our personal resources and by strengthening our network of qualified professionals that we will be able to evolve together harmoniously and in a constructive way.

The FIABCI, at the national and international level, defends the fundamental values of the real estate profession, such as: integrity, respect, ethics, excellence and professionalism. If you are not yet a member of the FIABCI and you adhere to our values and share our vision, then join us and contribute with us to the development of this exciting business environment.

Special thanks

We warmly welcome all the participants who attended this "Kick-off 2020" event of the FIABCI-SUISSE and are grateful to you all for your contribution, as well as for the quality of our exchanges.

We present our special thanks to the World President in office of FIABCI (2019-2020), Mr. Walid Moussa, the President of the Grand Council of Neuchâtel, Maître Marc-André Nardin, Lawyer and Notary, Prof. Philippe Favarger (PhD in Economics and Prof. EPFL), Mrs. Anne- Marie Loeillet (Managing Director of PCM Opérateur Urbain), Mr. Yves Perriraz (Head of Swiss Real Estate Campus Biotech), Dr. Stefan Fahrländer, (PhD in Economics / Econometrics, CEO and Partner of Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung (FPRE)), Mrs. Murielle Girardin (Program Director of USPI-Formation) and other USPI representatives, to our President of FIABCI-SUISSE, Mr. Thomas Henle and all the members of the Committee, as well as to all our sponsors, namely:, Swiss Circle, readydata, polyrapid, immpuls, upc, and

On behalf of the whole Committee of FIABCI-SUISSE, we wish you all a very good start into this year and a lot of success in 2020.

Vitali Bekker
Member of the Committee FIABCI-SUISSE

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