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FIABCI-Iran Grand Opening

November 20th and 21st were important days for the FIABCI Community who welcomed a new Chapter - FIABCI-Iran -, following two years of hard work along with the Iranian Union of Real Estate and Properties to start developing activities in the country.

FIABCI World President 2017-2018 Farook Mahmood, FIABCI Vice-President Elect 2019-2020 Jordi Ribo, President of FIABCI European region Ramon Rierra Toroba, and FIABCI-India Board Members Noor Ali Afzal and Nasir Shariff attended the celebrations that started with a visit to the offices of the Iranian Union of Real Estate and Properties in Tehran on November 20. The inauguration of FIABCI-Iran’s Headquarters happened later that day. The Chapter’s new offices are located on the sixth floor of a newly renovated building situated in a business district in Tehran. The 800 sqm space will welcome a team of 45 employees.

When speaking at the inauguration of FIABCI-Iran headquarters, FIABCI Secretary-General Narek Arakelyan said: “(…) the mission of our chapter in Iran is to gather all local real estate professionals under one umbrella to dialogue, network, make recommendations and take decisions for the better future of the Iranian Real estate market.”

“We strongly believe that our Iranian chapter has all the possibilities to become an exemplary chapter in the region and in the world.”, he continued.

The following day, on November 21st, the Grand Opening Conference took place at the Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran, in order to establish the Chapter’s strategic plan, present real estate marketing analysis of Iran and Europe between 2010 and 2019 and, last but not least, to promote a debate between industry’s experts.

The Chapter’s admission was approved by the Board of Directors and ratified by the General Assembly during the 69th FIABCI World Real Estate Congress in 2018, under the leadership of World President 2017-18 Farook Mahmood.

The FIABCI-Iran leadership is composed as follows:

  • President: Mostafa Khosravi, President of the Iranian Union of Real Estate and Properties
  • Vice-President: Babek Rezaeian
  • Secretary-General: Kambiz Yousefi, CEO of NETSA

FIABCI International wishes a successful and fruitful work for the Iranian chapter.

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