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Back to news room Kyiv will host TEGoVA in 2021

Kyiv will host TEGoVA in 2021

Serhiy Frolov, President of the Ukrainian Association of the banking valuation specialists (UABVS) and member of the FIABCI-Ukraine Board, announced on his Facebook page - "TEGoVA Spring 2021 General Assembly will be held in Kyiv. Both Ukrainian members of TEGoVA - Ukrainian Society of Appraisers/Valuers(USA/V) and UABVS - are starting preparations for this event."

FIABCI-UKRAINE joins the congratulations to the Ukrainian appraisal market. Given that UABVS and USA/V are principal members of the Ukrainian chapter - FIABCI-Ukraine will do everything possible to support the organization and holding of TEGoVA events in Ukraine at the international level in coming spring 2021!

"About the realization of dreams.

Since my first participation in TEGoVA General Assembly three and a half years ago, I have decided to bring it to Ukraine. In my humble sense, such an event for evaluators is like the European Football Championship.

On the main day, about 70 heads of evaluation associations from the EU, Europe, North and South America, a total of about 40 countries, listen to the motions submitted to the Board and vote.

The day before - all these people take part in the conference, many of them as a speakers. Listening to so many people of this level in one place and in one day is a great fortune for a person with intelligence, and it is not necessary even to be an appraiser.

A long way of negotiations and presentations, a way from surprise and rejection of the idea to agreement. And - voila - in April, the Board did confirm: TEGoVA Spring 2021 General Assembly will be held in Kyiv.

Both Ukrainian members of TEGoVA - USA/V and UABVS - are starting preparations for this event.

Positive and ambitious, you are welcome.

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