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Real Estate Industry Research Survey

FIABCI, The International Real Estate Federation is drawing up a Strategic Plan  - VISION 2030 -, a detailed vision for the organization for the next ten years to come. It will lay focus on the areas of education, business, among many others, in a modern and productive way through different platforms where members can interact and exchange best practices. The VISION 2030 will be introduced at the World Real Estate Congress in Paris in 2021.

For the creation of this new Strategic Plan, we are conducting market research through which we take a holistic view of the global real estate industry, assessing significant movements and trends while considering the customer’s experience. By studying the overall market in which real estate professionals (members or non-members) operate, FIABCI aims to identify the risks and challenges they face from intra-group and inter-group perspectives, the opportunities offered to them, as well as the products and services that customers ask for.

It is composed of 4 sections:

  1. General Information
  2. Real Estate - Overview
  3. Real Estate - Business Ecosystem
  4. Sustainable Development.

Take part in our survey here and contribute to the development of our industry worldwide. It is entirely anonymous and keeps respondents’ identities private even after they answer all of its questions. 

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