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Back to news room Susan Greenfield delivers first presidential message

Susan Greenfield delivers first presidential message

I am grateful to the FIABCI members for this ultimate honor they have given to me. I have a long and deep love for FIABCI, and I believe I owe a lot of my success to the organization, directly and indirectly.

As I have repeated many times, I truly believe we must protect and honor the past. We must be transformative, building on our past as the foundation on which we will continue to create and ensure the future for the next generation of real estate professionals.

There will be a change in the direction of our organization, which will be entirely dedicated to bringing together our current and future members. My ultimate goal will be to connect our members to help them grow business and learn how to conduct business in any unexpected situation. Adaptation and change are the key drivers that will ensure our industry.

We look to increase membership this year in all sectors of the industry. Our focus at our World Congress clearly recognized this objective, as each of the sessions revealed:

  • Substantial investors shared their investment portfolios and we learned about their investment objectives;
  • We heard from the world’s leading and largest real estate associations and were encouraged by the desire of our principal members and associations to work together as partners to uphold our core values and promote ethics and business practices among their members and around the world for a better cooperation between us;
  • We signed a new, five-year MoU with our highly valued Global Partner UN-Habitat;
  • We saw and heard about world class sustainable development initiatives like 2000-Watt Smart Cities and the 15-minute City concepts.


All organizations need a framework within which to network with each other and the new FIABCI app is the first step in the implementation of a new technology for FIABCI. We will continue this culture of innovation and development of new technology and solutions serving our industry and our next generation of professionals. We need new young professionals, and we are focused on embracing them.

The success of an organization flows from the top. Over and above all, the president is the guarantor, and FIABCI members need leadership that cares about them. I plan to continue Jordi Ribó’s legacy and protect the initiatives he so capably implemented this year along with World President Elect Budiarsa Sastrawinata in our leadership team.

With our team in place, our FIABCI members can feel secure about the future.

Susan Greenfield, FIABCI World President 2022-2023


About Susan Greenfield

Susan Merdinger Greenfield is an Associate Broker at Brown Harris Stevens with a 45+ year history of comprehensive real estate brokerage, marketing, branding, and consulting services. Her clients have ranged from individuals and small businesses to multi-billion-dollar international conglomerates. Susan has been in the top tier of BHS agents year after year. 

In 1980, she joined Merrill Lynch Realty as Director of Marketing, later becoming Vice President of Domestic and International Sales and Marketing. Susan was instrumental in creating the firm's international cross-referral sales network linking the overseas Private Client brokerage offices and clients of Merrill Lynch with the domestic offices of Merrill Lynch Realty.

Applying her public relations and branding skills, Susan was successful in enhancing the image of some of the firm's mid to luxury, high-end realty offices in strategic markets. At Merrill Lynch, Susan was responsible for the national sales, marketing, advertising, and public relations for the 480 wholly owned and operated residential real estate offices across the United States. When Merrill Lynch sold its real estate operations to Prudential Real Estate affiliates in 1989, Susan organized her own New York City-based firm, Jean-Marc Levet & Partners. With offices in Paris and New York, the firm served high-net-worth clients, including owners of residential and commercial real estate. In 1996, Susan merged her company into Brown Harris Stevens. She has also acted as a sales and marketing consultant for the following residential and resort developments: "Kensington Green" in London, England; "Sandy Port" in Nassau, Bahamas; "Virgin Grand" in St. Johns, US Virgin Islands; and the "Four Seasons Resort and Hotel" in Nevis, WI.

Susan Greenfield is an active member of the International Real Estate Federation since 1981, having held many leadership positions, including as FIABCI-USA President 2017-2018.

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