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Back to news room FIABCI World President 2014-15 Robyn Waters elected REIV President

FIABCI World President 2014-15 Robyn Waters elected REIV President

Congratulations are in order to FIABCI World President 2014-2015 Robyn Waters, who was just appointed President of our Direct Member in Australia The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV). Before this, Waters had served on the REIV Board as Senior Vice President in 2017-18 and Director from 2001 to 2006 as well as being a ministerial appointment to the Estate Agents Council from 2015 to 2018.

The licensed estate agent and FIABCI-Australia Past President is also a fellow of the REIA and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and FIABCI's Trustee to the International Ethical Standards Coalition.

When talking about her history with FIABCI and the real estate industry as a whole, Waters added: “Through my work with the International Real Estate Federation, I have learnt that the real estate industry is intrinsically linked to the livability and prosperity of our community and has a major role to play in shaping our future.”

“For us to be able to provide affordable and sustainable properties to our communities is the most important thing we can influence.

“We have to do that in collaboration with local, federal and state government, to provide opportunities for people to understand they may not be able to live where they want, and they may have to live in a smaller environment than what they grew up in.", she continued.

Along with an extended background in the real estate industry, the newly appointed REIV President will bring consistency, great leadership and hard work to the new role.




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