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New Leadership for FIABCI-Bulgaria

In January this year FIABCI-Bulgaria held its ordinary General Assembly. The members of the chapter defined the strategic goals for development for a new 2020-2022 mandate and elected both a new chapter’s president and board. 

The new board was enlarged with prominent and enthusiastic newcomers to join efforts and work on those plans and goals alongside the members of the previous board that were reelected. Their combined and diverse professional background and in depth experience truly represents the real spectrum of our network. Amongst the nine members of the board are developers, investment fund executives, real estate brokers and commercial real estate consultants, an engineer and a lawyer, property and facility managers.

New board members: Mrs. Antoaneta Iskrova, Miss Margret Andreeva, Mr. Hristo Angelkov, Mr. Kalin Yordanov and Mr. Vladislav Kayzerov.

Reelected board members: Ms. D. Feradzhieva, Mr. A. Tonev, Mr. B. Boykov and Mr. I. Velkov

Mr. Ivan Velkov, Chairman of BGFMA - Bulgarian Facility Management Association and Member of National Council of NREA Bulgarian National Real Estate Association was elected President of the Board 2020-2022

Mr. Velkov has been a member of the board since 2014. An economist with over 25 years of experience in real estate, some of his previous positions include Sofia Municipality’s Council Vice Chair, General Manager of Colliers International and Raiffeisen Real Estate and Past President of NREA.

Another highlight of the Assembly was the introduction of the institution of Honorary Membership and Chairmanship. 

Mr. Assen Makedonov, FIABCI World President 2018-2019, Member of the Executive Board and former President of FIABCI-Bulgaria, was nominated and unanimously elected FIABCI-Bulgaria Honorary President. Mr. Makedonov's position is a token of appreciation for his leadership and motivation - reflected in his multiple activities and achievements -, continuous support, commitment and dedication, as well as a promise for continuity and enhancement to all FIABCI-Bulgaria’s board and chapter members local and international efforts to contribute to the enlargement and prosperity of our network and our great Federation. 

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