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Post COVID commercial real estate management

On May 26, 2020, from 15:00 to 16:00, FIABCI-UKRAINE will hold an online discussion on "Management of commercial real estate during and after quarantine". The language of the meeting - ukrainian and russian.

The webinar will be attended by specialists of the corporate member of FIABCI-Ukraine - ACTIVITIS Management Company - General Director of Activitis Management Company - Alena Galyuta and Technical Director of Activitis Management Company - Andriy Miroshnyk. We are also waiting for confirmation from a specialist from Kazakhstan - the information will be updated soon.
The discussion will be moderated by Vitaliy Vasyutyk, Vice President of FIABCI-Ukraine, founder of RC.

For information:
Activities Management Company provides trust management services. The practical experience of the company allows to effectively build the strategy and tactics of development of each specific asset of commercial and non-commercial real estate, taking into account its specific features. The company is responsible for quality at all stages: from audit and identification of individual needs of the client company, to the implementation of tasks and control of results. Currently, the company manages more than 60 thousand square meters of commercial real estate.

Alena Galyuta
CEO of the management company Activitis
Alena is involved in the development and management of all real estate assets transferred to the company's management. Alena's previous experience includes more than 15 years of work in a variety of roles, including leadership positions in the corporate sector and government organizations. Under Alena's leadership, the management company Activitis took over the management of one of the largest logistics complexes, as well as a number of business centers.

Andriy Miroshnyk
Technical director of the management company Activitis
Andriy has gone from being an administrator / setter of automated computer systems at the Obolon plant to a technical director who manages millions of projects. During his career, Andrew was a project manager, crisis manager, worked in management positions in various fields: retail, distribution, marketing and manufacturing companies. Advises on the organization, operation and interaction of condominiums and management companies. Andrew oversees the technical side of all current Activitis real estate management projects.

To participate in the webinar - use this link. Thank you. 


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