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Back to news room Emerging Trends, Women's Role, and International Buyers: Insights from FIABCI-España's Inmointer

Emerging Trends, Women's Role, and International Buyers: Insights from FIABCI-España's Inmointer

The latest FIABCI-España Inmointer event achieved resounding success. The focal point of this edition centred around the emerging trends in the global real estate market, which presently contributes to approximately 15% of residential transactions in Spain. This and other important information was presented in a report by the chapter during the event on 12 May at the facilities of APCE Catalunya (Associació de Promotors de Catalunya).

Noteworthy highlights from Inmointer include:

  • In 2022, more than 83,000 international buyers invested in Spanish properties;
  • Catalonia, Andalusia, and the Valencia regions emerged as the most coveted locations;
  • An impressive figure of over 4,000 Italians purchased homes in Spain during 2022.


Inmointer also recognised the significant role of women in the real estate sector, with special participation from Susan Greenfield, FIABCI World President.

The day commenced with a roundtable session on the real estate market in Spain and Catalonia, with a specific focus on the residential and tertiary sectors. Esteemed representatives from CBRE, Savills, and Cushman & Wakefield participated, and the discussion was moderated by Anna Puigdevall, General Manager of API (API Col·legi i Associació d' Agents Immobiliaris de Catalunya). The panellists shed light on the sector's robustness, emphasising the need for legislation that encourages residential investments in Spain, and highlighting the remarkable recovery of the retail and logistics industries.

The subsequent session delved into the journey of women in real estate, moderated by Eva Gonzaléz-Nebreda, Secretary of FIABCI-España. Esteemed speakers from WIRES (Women in Real Estate Spain), AMPSI (Asociación de Mujeres Profesionales Inmobiliarias), and API discussed the underrepresentation of women in the sector. They emphasised that only 16% of women currently serve on the Board of Directors, which is a 2% decline compared to the pre-COVID-19 era. Despite acknowledging the long road ahead, they expressed optimism about the increasing prominence of women in the industry.

Lastly, a presentation of the latest data on international buyers took place, featuring a report prepared and presented by Luis Alberto Fabra Garcés, the Director of the Real Estate Market Chair at the University of Zaragoza. This report offered valuable insights into the trends and statistics regarding international investment in the Spanish real estate market.

The event witnessed the presence of a prominent FIABCI delegation, including Joan Clos, FIABCI-España President, Ramón Riera Torroba, FIABCI Vice-President Elect, Jordi Ribó, FIABCI World President 2021-2022, and Felice Tufano, the recently elected President of FIABCI’s European Region, among many other members and real estate professionals.

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