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The City We Need is Affordable Vol V puts People at the Center

The City We Need is Affordable Vol V is the result of the continuing work of FIABCI to represent the private sector as a Business & Industry Partner of the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign. The theme of this volume is “People at the Center” and features housing projects of transformation, preservation, instant housing, and technical innovation. Projects are included from Angeles City, Philippines on starter homes for working families; historic preservation of the Lathrop Homes Public Housing Project in Chicago; a Transit Oriented Develop project in Jakarta, Indonesia to provide 300,000 homes with government subsidy and an aging in place project in Sarawak, Malaysia to allow senior citizens to move to end-of-life care within their established community. 

“Real estate is one of the pillars of our society and having a home is in a large sense part of our identity. In FIABCI we build houses, we sell houses, we value houses, and we work with governments to arrive at equitable housing policy. We are excited to share these innovative and inspiring ideas on providing housing for all with our colleagues”, adds Jordi Ribó, FIABCI World President 2021-2022. The organization of events such as the UN World Habitat Day and the publication of the The City We Need is Affordable volumes are the latest efforts of FIABCI to support the UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda to make our cities safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable.

Read more about FIABCI's global projects on sustainable cities and communities here. All volumes are also available in the library of the FIABCI app.

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