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Honoring the Tradition of Transition

Dear FIABCI Community:

I now have a whole new perspective on the phrase “time flies.” It is hard to believe it’s been a little over a year since assuming the office of FIABCI World President in Dubai last spring. But what a great year it has been — ending on the high note of our 70th World Congress in Moscow.

There is no timelier issue for our industry than technology and I’m proud to have presided over the Congress that shined a light on this industry’s technological innovations, opportunities and, yes, challenges. This Congress truly delivered on that part of our mission dedicated to helping members gain knowledge. (Of course, there was a great deal of information sharing and business development going on in Moscow as well!) I am grateful to FIABCI-Russia and to the many volunteer leaders and our Secretariat staff, all whom contributed to the success of this event.

While the 2019 World Congress may be the big splash marking the end of my term, I am mindful of the many other events of the past year, including visits to FIABCI Chapters around the globe. I believe this is a critical responsibility of the office as it brings FIABCI International to our grassroots members where they live and work. Thank you to all who were so welcoming and made these visits most enjoyable.

I am pleased with the progress we made on our most important projects, including those focusing on urban sustainability and affordable housing issues. The name “FIABCI” is becoming synonymous with big initiatives that make a difference in the global real estate community. These efforts began before me and, hopefully, will continue for many years, thanks to dedicated volunteers and leaders working to advance our interests. I benefitted from the groundwork laid for me by my immediate predecessors and I hope I have done the same for Walid Moussa, our newly installed World President and Florentino Dulalia, World President-elect.

In recent years, there has been a concerted effort by FIABCI to plan and commit to multi-year business and growth strategies. While each President brings to the role his or her own unique interests and talents, our big programs can develop and improve over time. The result is that this organization has become much more effective as members see some continuity from year to year. Big visions can seldom be realized in just a year or two and my “parting advice” to my successors is to always be mindful of what has come before, seek to enhance and improve current initiatives and be open to innovation and change.

It has been my honor to serve this organization and to serve you, the individual members and associates of FIABCI. I look forward to continuing to serve in ways that support current and future leaders and support FIABCI’s vision for our members.

Assen Makedonov
FIABCI World President, 2018-19

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