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Back to news room FIABCI members actively participated at the 2021 International Housing and Urban Regeneration Forum

FIABCI members actively participated at the 2021 International Housing and Urban Regeneration Forum

FIABCI-Taiwan, together with Taiwan’s National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center, successfully held the 2021 International Housing and Urban Regeneration Forum on November 26. The National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center is a public body founded in 2018 and is currently headed by the political deputy minister of the Interior Hua Ching-Chun. This year’s event was the first joint effort between the two organizations and was joined by over 700 participants, including those participating online.

Echoing with UN-Habitat’s commitment to housing for all and a carbon-free world, this year’s forum invited 20 experts from five different countries to talk about different approaches towards the better provision of adequate and resilient housing. In his opening remarks, HURC’s Acting President Hua Ching-Chun reaffirmed how the current Tsai Ing-wen administration prioritizes housing issues on its political agenda, and how the goal of adequate housing can be better achieved through the incorporation of innovative designs and relevant social services.

FIABCI and FIABCI-Taiwan have long devoted themselves to the promotion of affordable housing, and how this can be fostered through an effective public-private partnership. FIABCI-Taiwan President Lily Chang, in her closing remarks, reiterated the topics of the three sessions: diverse supply of adequate housing, resilient housing in a changing world, and sustainable management of the people-centered community, and emphasized that much work remained to be done if the world aims to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.  

We were honored to have speakers from South Korea’s Land and Housing Institute and Paris Habitat. Also, we extend our gratitude to the FIABCI community and network. We were very happy to hear from some familiar faces: Ms. Danielle Grossenbacher (FIABCI World President 2015-2016), Mr. Timothy Yi (Gold Award Winner of 2021 Prix d’Excellence on Affordable Housing), and Dr. Andreas Binkert (FIABCI-Suisse).

For more details on this year’s International Housing and Urban Regeneration Forum, please check out the event website at

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