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XXII Hungarian Real Estate Development Award

FIABCI-Hungary has established the FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence under the name Hungarian Real Estate Development Award primarily to facilitate the participation of Hungarian real estate developers in the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards. With this in mind, the jury of the Hungarian Award is assessing the projects according to the criteria of the international competition. It examines, inter alia, the overall concept, the merits of architecture, technical quality, implementation, level of economy and efficiency, environmental impact as well as community benefits, i.e. how the project serves the interests of its environment and improves living conditions. A basic principle is that it is not the size but the quality of the facility that matters. This is a competition where David can indeed defeat Goliath.

The Hungarian Real Estate Development Award is supported by the most important Hungarian professional organizations.

  • Real Estate Developers’ Round Table Association
  • National Federation of Hungarian Building Contractors
  • Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Association of Hungarian Hotels and Industry
  • The Chamber of Hungarian Architects
  • The Budapest Chamber of Architects
  • The Association of Hungarian Architects
  • Association of Hungarian Landscape Designers
  • The Hungarian Society for Urban Planning
  • The Hungary Green Building Council
  • Officerentinfo
  • Media Group of Residential Market


This has been an exceptional year due to COVID-19. FIABCI-Hungary usually starts the organization of the FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence in April. This year the situation in Hungary was very severe with the first wave of the epidemy at its highest level. The organizers of the Prix thus asked several FIABCI members and all those supporting the organization’s leadership whether the Prix could be organized in this situation. The positive answers arrived within 24 hours.

Everybody promised to do their best for a successful organization and it worked. There were 41 applicants, the highest number since the beginning of the history of the FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence 23 years ago.

Among the participants, there were again significant refurbishments of historical buildings and sustainable developments. Traditionally there were offices, hotels, cultural establishments,  schools, and kindergartens, so it is a good surprise to see residential buildings among the projects, which were missing over the last few years.

Two years ago the Bonarka City Center and Bonarka Office Complex in Krakow, Poland was the first Hungarian development abroad taking part in the FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence and receiving a silver award at the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards. This year, there is an office building constructed by a Hungarian developer in Cluj (Kolozsvár) in Romania and a school in India on the Himalayas. The solar school in Zangla - which uses exceptionally solar energy for heating and lighting - was designed and constructed by Hungarian architects and the members of the association of Körösi Csoma (for reference, Körösi Csoma was a Hungarian Traveller from the XIIIth century who visited this region in India on his way to China).

All the projects of the XXII. FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence can be found on the website of FIABCI-Hungary.

The award ceremony will be held on December 3.



President of FIABCI-Hungary, President of the Jury,

Vice President of the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Committee

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