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Back to news room The Law Firm Network becomes first Principal Member of FIABCI-Ireland

The Law Firm Network becomes first Principal Member of FIABCI-Ireland

The Law Firm Network is the first Principal Member of FIABCI-Ireland, the most recent Chapter established under the umbrella of FIABCI International.

Founded in 1989, LFN is a non-exclusive association of independent law firms from around the world with members in approximately 60 countries and an extended global network with quality law firms in close to over 80 additional countries.

Spearheaded by Executive Director Rafael Truan Blanco, it initially consisted of about 17 law firms, mostly European, one from Boston, and some from Asia Pacific – Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia. There was a policy of only one firm per jurisdiction which has largely continued.

“The Members of LFN are all independent corporate law firms well regarded locally and regionally. The glue that makes LFN such a seamless network is the trust developed out of friendship as a result of the network having presently some 55-60 Members, with the senior partners in each firm knowing and getting to know each other directly and personally.”, said Anthony Kirwan, who took over running the network in 1994 and have run it since then till this past year-end.

“LFN Members are often more in tune with critical local legal, political and cultural issues as compared typically to the local offices of larger “global” firms. The key is having direct access to someone with these attributes. “Word of Mouth” recommendation by a trusted source, such as a satisfied client, is the philosophy for assessing potential new Members.”, Mr Kirwan added.

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