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Back to news room Harnessing the untapped potential of Uganda's real estate

Harnessing the untapped potential of Uganda's real estate

Earlier this year, FIABCI World President Walid Moussa travelled to Kampala, Uganda accompanied by FIABCI-Nigeria’s President and Vice-President Joseph Akhigbe and Gbenga Ismail, respectively. The purpose of the three-day official visit to the “Pearl of Africa” was to meet the main players of Uganda’s real estate sector as well as to discuss the creation of a national Chapter in the country.

Just days before leaving for Uganda, the FIABCI delegation had taken part in FIABCI-Nigeria’s Business Forum and Dinner 2020, the Chapter’s annual event that aims to set the tone for business in the country for the year ahead.

During his visit to Uganda, FIABCI World President Walid Moussa highlighted the duty of real estate professionals to become more engaged and start a dialogue in their respective countries on “how to build affordable, more sustainable and inclusive cities to secure and protect our future generations”.

Regarding the real estate landscape of the country, Mr. Moussa highlighted the enormous untapped potential of Uganda’s vibrant and growing sector within the East African region, and shared a positive forecast regarding its impact on the economic development of the country.

The FIABCI delegation had a busy schedule during the three-day visit to Uganda, starting with an official meeting with the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Hon. Kamya Beti. In addition to this, the delegation met with key players of the real estate sector, including the CEO of the National Construction and Housing Company (NHCC) Eng. Kenneth Kaijuka as well as several members of AREA, a professional association of real estate agents, property managers, developers and practitioners in Uganda.

Last but not least, before departing Uganda the FIABCI delegation took part in property tours to affordable housing and luxurious development projects to better assess the different investment opportunities in the country.

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