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Moscow Renovation

Back in 2017, the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow launched the competition for pilot sites of housing stock renovation. The central idea of the contest was to provide a brand new architectural and urban planning concept for each selected residential quarter ensuring the residents’ well-being and preserving the existing lifestyles.

Habidatum participated in three consortiums – with Zaha Hadid Architects, MLA+ and Meganom – in order to support architects’ ideas of area profiling, creating new centers in the peripheral neighborhoods, as well as perform local identity studies of the renovation areas. Our part was not only to analyze the status quo but also to predict which commercial functions and services would be demanded in the new construction through our unique methodology.

As all the sites are situated in different districts with complex characteristics, and architects’ have distinct philosophies – therefore the approaches and proposed concepts of redevelopment of each of the sites vary. Working on the project, we adjusted the data analysis part focusing on each area’s potential for growth and evolution.

The renovation districts were examined not only inside their boundaries but also considering the surroundings – the existing pedestrian connections, local businesses, activity hotspots and everyday practices of its residents. To understand the current situation and to suggest the best places for the functions and facilities in the new development, we looked at people’s mobility patterns, popular recreational areas (based on social media data and BigData VimpelCom), transport accessibility and commercial diversity within the interest zone (based on open geodata).

Full analysis here.


This analysis is part of a series of publications resulting from FIABCI's partnership with Habidatum.


About Habidatum

Habidatum is a software and data analytics company, assisting policymakers and businesses in understanding the hyper-dynamic urban environment through advanced analytics of diverse data sources driven by machine learning and interactive visualization.

Habidatum operates as a gateway between the professional communities who require data-driven insights and data carriers.

The company was founded in 2014 by a collaboration between professional urban planners and digital designers. Since 2014, the company has worked in more than 20 cities globally including London, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Pune, Denver, and Miami.

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